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man this sucks. iwas planing to have fun with LETTY today but she cant hang out with me. her parents dont like me. for what reason i dont know. i dont know what there first impression on me is but its not good. i guess me going out with her doesnot help. i dont know i just think its fucked up. very fucked up. its not the girl friend boy friend thing that troubles me. its the fact that shes not just my girl friend but a best friend as well. you how a person can be your lover,friend,husband,wife. that type of thing. she shes not just my girl friend. she means alot more to me screw what her parents think or teachers or anyone who doghts it. i know what the hell im talking about. ive been in other relationships before. im not blinded by love or whatever else you fuckers think. I LOVE FLO. im so tired of people getting in between our relationship. stop FUCKERS. IM ALSO SICK OF PEOPLE THINKING THEY KNOW ME AND THEY FUCKING DONT. FUCK WISE ASS ADULTS THAT ASUME SHIT. ITS FUCKING IMATURE. GOD . I JUST FUCKING HATE IT. IM REALLY PISSED RIGHT NOW.
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