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It'sbeen a long time?

Whats up. yeah I'vebeen very busy this week. I am finaly modifying my car. the first thing im getting isthe VADOR bodykit followed by Z-3 ROADSTER fenders. Afteri sand the car and get it nice and smooth im going to get the paint job. It will be black. 2 or 4 coats of paint and 2 coats of clear. I already took the back seats out of the car. Now the car is a little lighter. Anyway lets hold on cars for a sec. Letty if you are reading this I would just like to say I LOVE YOU. Im watching your DVD as I type. I miss you. I dont mean to be mushy but what the hell. I've got nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I LOVE YOU. Just wanted to say it again. Oh I hope u did good on your finals. Goodluck tomorow. Tr to ge som sleep. PLEASE U NEED IT.I was going to race 2night but its a little to wet outside. I think I will just watch streetracing on TV. Im a junkie for it. If I cant get it on the street i can get it at home. Wait that didn't sound right. Well u know what i mean. Anyway I will write more tonight. LATER...
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