Akira (nakayama) wrote,

yesterday was crazy

man i am so tired from last night. we raced in clinton and waldorf last night. thats right we wre disturbing the peace. sorry Letty. man i raced 2 people last night. civic hb and civic ex. then we met up wth some other racers and thats how we ended up in clinton. evryone was out last night. my sister's sister kia. my bosses boyfriend DJ. and some tuners from the shop. mike,jim,lee. they are always cool unlike some people i know. thats right im talking about the race team. fuck you guyz you are assholesssssss. when ashley doesnot want to do any thing you guyz dont jr;gjfgjd;kjkj;kfnf;hgsklhgfd;hf'dkfdkjlkfdhnlkdg
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