Akira (nakayama) wrote,

its race time

its about that time. i just came from jesus house. i was going to bed but iim about to go and street race. i already locked teh race so theres no backing out now. and igotto take SAT tommorow. SHIT. anyway letty if you are out there dont worry about me. i will be fine. your not going to lose me. but i think i just lost some pistons from my engine.yeah its about that time. for a new engine. im planning to make a B16 A1 engine swap into my civic hb. ten a five speed Type R transmission with thepropper ecu's. then AEM V2 cold air intake with hks intake manifold and throttle body. also Denso spark plugs fluidine radiator evn tough i already have a upgraded radiator. then tokico or skunk suspension and big break kit along with 17" {nakayama}racing rims{black}covered with Falken,toyo or bfgoodwrench tires. the color of the car wil be Kandy Black with purple and red graphics to give it that custom goth race look. it will also have a ED type Vader bodykit on it with carbon fiber wing and hood. im hoping i can get a polyurethane bodykit but i will settle for fiberglass. eventually i will get turbo and NOS. i want a greddy turbo but KS can do. i got to have NOS Fogger system. NO BUTS ABOUT IT. but this will come later my project. right now i just want the car to look and run good. oh if i did not tell you that the vader kit i want is on that yellow car you see. in fact thats my car same year same style although he spent aot of money converting the back end of the car to a CRX. but i like the civic look.oh shit i forgot about the race. well wish me luck. luv you LETTY.
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